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The Insights Panel

An insight into the real careers of real people working within the Business, Health, and STEM sectors.
Sunday 23rd July
9am - 1pm

The Precinct, Fortitude Valley
$59 per student

The Onwards Series

What's it about?

Everything to do with life beyond school. And tackling uncertainty by simply moving onward.

For young adults, life beyond school can feel like an unsolvable maze. With endless options, pressure from those around them, and an innate desire to leave their mark on the world, knowing the 'right' way forward can seem impossible.

The Onwards Series encourages students, no matter their path, to simply keep moving.
"Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance... you must keep moving."
– Albert Einstein

Who's it for?

High school students and recent high school graduates.

junior high school students overwhelmed by their subject choices, to senior high school students battling the ATAR system, right through to high school graduates & tertiary students forging their post-schooling path.

The various events that make up the series cover decisions and dilemmas along the long-winding path from the early teen years, to the tumultuous 20s.

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