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Tom Roberts
Exercise Physiology

Tom plays a major role in our chronic disease management and elderly strength and conditioning program. While maintaining a keen interest in our golf community, Tom is also involved in delivering community based programs.

Robert Haugh

Rob is responsible for the injury management and musculoskeletal health issues that his clients suffer from. His role is to manage, treat and guide the effective rehabilitation of these injuries.

Rhiannon Zuch
Exercise Science

In her day to day role, Rhiannon is involved in the coaching and training of many general health and wellness clients, is a leader in our Women's Health department, and works within the Wavell High School netball performance program.

Patrick Daley
Exercise Physiology

Pat is involved in injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management and community health initiatives. Everything from improving sports performance to helping the elderly maintain independence.

Ellena Burnett

A senior dietitian with a sports focus, Ellena is responsible for working alongside many of our high performance athletes.