Archives of Business

Tom Sutherland

Accounting is a crucial part of (quite literally) every single type of business. Throughout Tom's career, he's had the opportunity to work in aerospace, banking, tech & healthcare, making sure every dollar is accounted for.

Tom Leis
Insurance Brokerage

Tom works as an Account Manager within a long-standing Insurance Brokerage firm. Within his role, Tom works with a range of clients to find insurance solutions, helping ensure their business is protected against all sorts of risks.

Tim Vetter
Public Relations

Tim began his career as a journalist before going on to work in communications and public relations across corporate, government and education sectors. Tim combines his passion for brand storytelling with his knack for writing in delivering digital marketing, social media, and content creation.

Courtney Cholakos
Media & Advertising

Courtney works with brands to help create strategies which inform how they market and sell their products. She's not the brains behind what you see, but instead leads a team who plan when, where and how you see or hear it.

Tyla Mount
Human Resources

Tyla's work in Human Resources, specifically Learning & Organisational Development, sees her focusing on finding, keeping, and training the people within the company. Part of this role is the management of their uni graduate program.