Archives of Health

Dr Julie Keegel

Dr Julie came to the field of psychology out of an enduring interest in people, cross-cultural perspectives of happiness, health and well-being. As the director of 4Life Psychology, Julie divides her time between running a successful clinic, and working one-on-one with patients.

Shannon Maloney

Shannon has worked within the Intensive Care Unit of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for five years. While Shannon's love for helping people shines through, her experience within the health system provides an insight into the drawbacks of nursing.

Amelia Rand
Occupational Therapy/Nursing

Amelia is in the unique position in that she regularly wears two hats! As a nurse, Amelia spends her days 'scrubbed up' in surgery, assisting with everything from removing tonsils, to delivering babies via C-Section, to fixing broken legs. As an Occupational Therapist, Amelia helps children with disabilities find creative ways to navigate life.

Alice Cartwright
Speech Pathology

Since graduating uni in 2018, Alice has opened her own speech pathology clinic, working with children to support them with their communication needs.