Archives of STEM

Dr Joshua Llinas
Veterinary Medicine

Dr Josh operates the Unusual Pet Vets clinic in Jindalee, spending time treating the ailments of all sorts of unusual pets, from birds and small mammals, to reptiles and zoological collections.

Matthew Cullen
Mechanical Engineering

Within Matthew's almost 10 year career, he's worked within a large company, moving between different roles covering everything from the fuels, resources and rail transport sectors.

David Maloney
Automation Engineering

An automation engineer's role within a business is to be always asking the question 'how can we do this fast, better and safer?' They're responsible for maintaining very cool technology like robots, cameras, autonomous vehicles, industrial computers and more!

Cass Nason
Mechanical Engineering

Cass works within a global company, assisting with large-scale projects right here in Brisbane, such as Cross River Rail. Her works has her focusing on big-picture design, right down to tiny technical specifics.

Andrew Mount
Information Technology (IT)

Leading a global team, Andrew looks at how they can utilise cloud-based technologies to allow the company to perform faster & better. They get to play with latest technologies, like AI, to build these solutions.