Weekend Workshops

For the first time, we're proud to present a two-part series of Weekend Workshops, aimed at providing high school aged students with the necessary skills to not only survive high school, but feel organised, prepared & confident.
  • Facilitators: McKeeley & Tristan (Two Tutors co-founders)
  • Open to high school aged students (Grade 7 - 12)
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Individual workshop
$ 75 per workshop
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Whole series
$ 65 per workshop
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Workshop #1 - Organisational Tips, Tricks & Techniques

  • Date: Saturday 7th May (Term 2 - Week 3)
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Location: Bright HQ (54 Vernon Tce, Teneriffe)
Between school, extra-curricular activities, and home life, students must be organised in their studies. But how exactly do they do this?

By passing on the organisational tips, tricks & techniques learnt over our years of school and university, students will have tangible strategies and resources for catching up, keeping up, and enjoying the stress-less benefits of feeling in control.

What’s included:
There is no one-size-fits-all to organisation. Students will first be shown various organisational techniques, before getting to implement their favourite. Following the workshop, students will have regular ‘check-ins’ with the workshop facilitators, ensuring students receive long-term benefits. 

Workshop #2 - Assignment Impossible

  • Date: Saturday 21st May (Term 2 - Week 5)
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Location: Bright HQ (54 Vernon Tce, Teneriffe)
An assignment task sheet can feel like being handed a secret mission for which the instructions are written in another language and the requirements seem impossible.

Students will be given a structured approach to;
- decoding a task sheet
- breaking the task down into bite-sized achievables
- timelining key milestones/due dates
- getting the job done even when it seems impossible!

What’s included:
Over the course of the workshop, students will develop a tailored ‘template’ for breaking down any task sheet, using one of their own current tasks as an example.